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About us

Company dedicated to the boiler since 1975, specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of tanks and special containers. GRUCAL has a floor space of 3,000 m2 dedicated to the manufacture of metal silos, having a total of 10.000m2.

The sectors used bins and silos built by GRUCAL, are the food industry (milk, wine, etc ...), the manipulation of general plastics, construction (aggregates, cements, etc ...), agriculture and livestock (manure, feed, etc. ...), fuel and other fluids or liquids.

GRUCAL disposal offers you modern facilities with the latest technology in terms of machinery and equipment for the construction of tanks and silos, tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Also provides assembly services and installation of silos, bins and hoppers, in its final location, as well as industrial maintenance tasks, machining metal parts and processed.

All silos, hoppers and tanks made by GRUCAL include 2 year warranty and comply with all legislative requirements and standards.